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 Hotels in Riga, Where Nice to Stay

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СообщениеHotels in Riga, Where Nice to Stay

The capital of Latvia is one of the largest tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. Therefore, you will not find a shortage of hotels in Riga. Riga hotels are not only a great choice, but also has a big variety. If you are accustomed to stay in large hotels of world renown, then they are both in the New Town, from which you can comfortably reach the historic center, and in the Old Town itself, at an arm's length from the main attractions of the capital. Therefore, in large complexes in addition to classic hotel services are located the best casinos. These are the best places for junket to Riga.

In the old city center you can find many modern hotels of different levels. Located in the old mansions and modern buildings, they always guarantee comfortable accommodation and a high service within walking distance to the most popular tourist places. One of the most luxurious hotels in Riga - Hotel de Rome, 5*, which provides guests with the comfort on a European level and magnificent rooms with beautiful city’s views. Another five-star hotel in Riga, famous for its superb service’s quality, is the Grand Palace Hotel, located next to the Riga Castle.

One of the youngest exclusive complexes, built after the restoration of a historic building, Grand Hotel Kempinski. Earlier, the hotel Riga was operating in the building. And in the 19th century it was the hotel Rome, very popular with wealthy travelers. There is a SL Casino in Kempinski, the part of Storm International, Michael Boettcher is an owner of the network. SL has its own bright signboard and a separate entrance. The premises are located on two floors and occupy more than 600 square meters. Guests are served by more than a hundred employees. The staff speaks several languages: Latvian, English and Russian.

SL Casino, said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO, is focused on VIPs, as well as on high-stakes fans. There are VIP room which works specially for them. This is a private territory where only VIP club members get access. There are games with high stakes. And the players have a number of privileges, such as personal transportation, accommodation in a hotel rooms, participation in private tournaments and much more.

If you want to fully experience the atmosphere of the old town, you should opt for small private hotels and hostels in Riga. Often the rooms number in such hotels does not exceed a dozen, or even five. They are located in the narrow alleys of the Old Town and are characterized with an incredible hospitality and comfort. However, there are quite large private hotels. Such Riga hotels often carry the name of a boutique hotel and can have a very different level and price category. Among such hotels in Riga you can find both luxury hotels and unpretentious small hotels, and even hostels.

Among the economy class hotels in Riga, one should be highlighted, the inexpensive but sophisticated Boutique Hotel Viesturs, 3*, located in a 17th century building. It is distinguished by exclusive furnishings and antique items. Also, the Man-Tess hotel, 3*, is in demand, despite the small number of stars offering an excellent European-level service. Although there are fairly modern hotels in Old Riga, most of the hotels in the city are located in old buildings of different ages. Economical, but comfortable Forums, 3* is located in a building of the 19th century and recently underwent a complete technical reconstruction, thanks to which it combines the historical atmosphere with the highest quality of service. In the center of Riga there are many hotels for young people, as well as hostels. For example, Green Apple is a popular and comfortable hostel in the center, which is perfect for young travelers.
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Hotels in Riga, Where Nice to Stay

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